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Are you looking for CBD Vape or CBD Oil in Torrance, CA? We offer the fastest shipping on all of our Premium CBD products. We believe in quality, honesty, transparency and safety is paramount. We’ll make finding the best CBD Vape or Oil as easy as pie for you.

How do I pick the best?
It’s simple

1. Pick a Flavor We have (3) three unique fruity flavors and one flavorless CBD Vape that will simply make your mouth water. It’s true, they really are that good. Coupled with pure Hemp derived CBD and tested for impurities your sure to feel the benefits.

• First Flavor: Blue Razz – A sweet blueberry / raspberry CBD Vape exploding with flavor. View Product

• Second Flavor: Manga Mango – Sounds Tropical right? Well it is, this Mango Flavored CBD Juice will have you daydreaming of being on a tropical island sitting back and enjoying a tasty picked right off the tree Mango.View Product

• Third Flavor: Berry Grape – A Strawberry Grape blend that will blow your mind. Who knew grapes and strawberries would ever taste so good. This flavor is our most sought after and a great first pick. View Product

• Fourth Flavor: has no Flavor at and it’s called Flavorless. This CBD Vape oil is perfect as an additive. You can add it to your existing favorite Vape Juice, Take it as a tincture, add it to your favorite food or drink. The possibilities are endless. View Product

2. Find your Strength:  Figuring out what CBD MG strength level you’ll need is really up to your body and how you feel. While we’re not doctors and cannot prescribe the perfect dosage you need to try and find the perfect balance. Our customers start off with 250mg CBD Vape Juice and if they don’t feel the effects they move one up to a stronger strength like 500mg,  or our most powerful of them all 1000mg. Your goal should b to try it for a week at the lowest dosage, if you don’t feel the benefits step it up to a higher MG level.

3. Add to cart and Place your order: We’ll get right on it and have your CBD Vape Oil Shipped out today! Unless it’s a holiday or past 3:00pm Pacific Time. If for some reason you don’t like our products we have a 100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee if your not happy with you CBD products within 60 days. Simply email us at [email protected] and we will let you know what your next step should be.

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