AVIDA CBD was created with an idea and passion to help people lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. All with the healing properties of Hemp Derived CBD.

InCBD Vape Juice Oil early 2018 AVIDA CBD established itself with a goal, to help as many people lead a healthier more active lifestyle in an all organic and ethical way.

We care what goes into our bodies and know how powerful only the highest quality CBD can be. That’s why we 3rd party lab test our end products and strive to only offer the best CBD to our customers.

AVIDA CBD was born with 3 core principles…

1. Let our customer know exactly what they are getting –  That’s why it’s important for us to test both in-house and by a qualified 3rd party lab. Every batch of CBD goes through this process so you get all the good and nothing of the bad. You’ll find the latest Lab results in each one of our product pages. Transparency is key for us and that’s what sets us apart.

2. Only offer the best CBD products at affordable prices – While we’re not the cheapest CBD manufacturer, we try and keep the balance of affordability, while offering the highest quality CBD products.

3. Offer a 5-star customer experience – We treat people how we want to be treated. We’re sure your mom, dad, grandparent taught you that life lesson, and we’re paying it forward. Customer service that cares. Feel free to say hi or ask a question here on our contact page.

Now “Live Life” to the fullest and experience our CBD gummies, CBD Vape Juice, or our all-natural CBD Oil 100% risk-free for 30 days. If it’s not for you, we understand! Simply return the product and we’ll return your money. No questions asked. it’s that simple.

Organic CBD Oil
Pesticide Free CBD Vape Oil
Organic GMO Free CBD Vape Oil
Eco Friendly CBD Oil
THC non detected
Responsibly sourced CBD
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