Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need a medical cannabis card to purchase our products.

Routine drug test, such as those you may take for a new job often screen for THC the psychoactive compounds found in Cannabis. Therefore, since our CBD is derived from the hemp plant our products comply with the federally mandated amount of 0.3% THC limit. There may be a possibility for a false positive and if this is a big concern we recommend not taking CBD as we cannot be held liable if that were to happen.

No, our CBD products are all created with CBD Isolate.

While we are not at liberty to subscribe dosages of our CBD Isolate products, we recommend starting with 1 full dropper, see how you feel and adjust to suit your preference.

Store your products in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight.

We currently ship to the United States only.

Avida's CBD is derived from Industrial Hemp organically grown in the United States of America, Colorado to be specific.

No, Avida CBD products where specifically crafted to not get you High. All the benefits without the High is what we like to say around here!