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Hands down the tastiest way to take CBD. Artisanally crafted in the USA, our delicious strawberry gummies are designed to help you melt away you’re everyday stresses and relax. Avida CBD Relax gummies are made with natural fruit flavoring. They’re organic and contain zero gelatin, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Each container includes 36 gummies, with 10 mg each. They’re formulated with orange peels for a chewy experience, and they don’t melt in the summer(oh-wee). Try our CBD gummies today and experience a whole new level of healing you never knew existed. If your interested in a stronger formulation. Consider our Full & broad spectrum CBD Oil.



Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO, Sweet, Chewy, delicious, CBD Gummies is what they are. And they are  gaining so much popularity these days because of there ease of use. We know not everyone enjoys taking pills, vaping or even taking or administering CBD sublingually.  We asked our staff, family and friends... How would you love to take you CBD? Everyone replied with some sort of edible, like CBD Gummy Bear edibles, CBD Soft Chews in our in our case tasty plant based CBD Gummies.

They were all right, a simple google search showed us that you "CBD Gummies" was the third most googled food in the entire united states of america.

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CBD effects have not been yet fully understood by researchers and the scientific based evidence is thin and a fact mainly due to politics. While we are not in a position to make any definitive claims about CBD Gummies for Pain. You can consult with your primary healthcare physician first, then try our CBD Oil Gummies and determine it's effects.

CBD derived from Hemp is 100% legal to purchase in the United States. The Farm Bill measure explains that CBD infused products from hemp must have no more than 0.3% THC to be legal to sell. Our Cannabidiol Gummies are Broad Spectrum and have been 3rd party tested to make sure THC levels are Non-Detected.

Our customers have reported feeling a complete sense of total body relaxation, clear headed, and a feeling of relief helping them get through those anxiety filled days.

No, you cannot buy Avida CBD Gummies on Amazon. Under Amazon's restricted sales policy, any product containing cannabidiol (CBD) are prohibited, including Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Gummies, Rich Hemp Oil Gummies. So if you see products on Amazon using misleading marketing stray away.

While the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) has yet to be fully researched because of political reasons, we are not legally able to comment about CBD Gummies for Anxiety or how many of our customers are using them for that purpose. Try our CBD relax Gummies and see for yourself what effects our CBD Edibles have on your anxiety after consulting with your primary healthcare physician

Our delicious strawberry CBD Gummies are Broad Spectrum. Meaning they contain  Non-Detected levels of THC while still reaping the benefits of other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. All packed in small, sugar dusted, all organic with no artificial flavors or color dies. They get there tasty flavor from organic fruits and vegetables. The best CBD Gummies of 2020!

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