Hands down the tastiest way to take CBD. Artisanal crafted in the USA. Our delicious CBD gummies are designed to help you melt away those bad vibes and relax. Avida CBD Relax gummies are made with natural fruit flavoring. They’re organic and contain zero gelatin, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Each container includes 60 gummies, with 25 mg each. They’re formulated with orange peels for a chewy experience, and they don’t melt in the summer(oh-wee). Try our CBD gummies today and experience a whole new level of relaxation you never knew existed. If you’re interested in a stronger effect, consider our Full & broad-spectrum CBD Oil formulations.


Avida Gummies give you powerful CBD that you can take any time at home, on-the-go, day, or night; it’s fast CBD dosing in the palm of your hands

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Avida Gummies are infused with 25mg of our purest broad-spectrum CBD in a convenient bite-sized gummy so you can forget about the tedious task of measuring your doses, and get on with your day.

Gummies derived from hemp CBD are a fantastic solution for your CBD needs. Explore some of the unique benefits these edibles can offer you over other CBD products:

  • The steady release of CBD keeps you feeling good hours after you take one
  • Made with no preservatives or artificial flavors.
  • Sweet and fruity flavors you’re sure to love

Our hemp gummies go great with your morning coffee, a post-workout shake, or as a super-light desert. It's simply the easiest way to take your daily doses of CBD.


Avida CBD Gummies offer a delightfully sweet taste sensation. You’ll be amazed at the mouth-watering flavor you get with every bite. With four unique tastes, you will never get bored!

  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry (NEW)
  • Orange Cream Sorbet (NEW)
  • Lemon (NEW)
  • Mixed Berries CBD + Melatonin (NEW)

Happy taste buds are just the beginning; once your CBD dose kicks in, your whole body will feel the effects. Our gummies are nature-friendly and made from 2018 farm bill compliant hemp plants grown in the U.S.A; they’re guilt-free and won’t break your diet.

We invited you to try all of our delicious flavors so you can feel the effects of the best CBD gummy chews.

Best tasting cbd gummies

Impressively potent, Impossibly small CBD gummies.

25mg strengths of outstanding broad spectrum CBD per gummy will help give you wonderfully strong and effective dose anytime you need it.

Avida CBD Gummies are infused with broad spectrum CBD so they work through the entourage effect to bring you better benefits than CBD isolate alone. They even work great as an extra source of CBD to complement other CBD products.

You’ll be amazed at the potential packed into every bite-sized CBD Gummy!

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There is no need to sugar coat it: healthy living can sometimes be a chore, but not anymore! Avida CBD broad spectrum Gummies are fun, excellent additions to any positive lifestyle habit! You don't need to put your CBD in a pill-bottle or hide it in your medicine cabinet. Be proud of your choices and enjoy your enhanced wellbeing.

With four delicious flavors and 25 mg of CBD per square, you'll feel the wonders of CBD and indulge completely guilt-free with gummies that are sweet, chewy, and still wholly health-focused. Enjoy your CBD, and love every aspect of your experience.

Gummies are the perfect treat for adults wanting to enhance their wellbeing. They are easy to dose and don't leave a sticky residue on your fingers. Each gummy is the perfect consistency to give you the juiciness you love from gummies, with the taste you crave, and the CBD you need.

Feel the potential of CBD and have fun at the same time. Try some today!


Remember, gummy vitamins? One of the tastiest and easiest ways to take your daily vitamins. Well, they're back and in a whole new way, made with only the highest grade ingredients infused with CBD. With these adult-candy edibles, say "Hello" to the calming and relaxing feels while enhancing your overall wellness.

Don't live life dulled down, enhance your world with Avida Gummies available now in Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange, Lemon and Mixed Berry Sleep Gummies. Each delicious square evokes a great mood whilst keeping wellness in mind.

With cost-friendly health-conscious Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies, you get premium CBD that brings out the best in you, and won't break your budget!

Try our CBD gummies today and share them with your friends and family. Trust us when we say they love you for sharing.

CBD relax gummies broad spectrum 10mg
Broad Spectrum CBD Gummy 10mg


At Avida, we've dedicated our lives to supporting your well-being with clean CBD, balanced cannabinoids, and dominant terpenes, all derived from plants grown on friendly Colorado farms with no fillers or harmful additives. We ensure purity at every step of the way: from seed to sale.

Openness and transparency help you know that you're getting only the best from Avida. See the lab results for all of Avida's top-quality products here.

If you have a question or need to reach out, we are always open to helping ensure your CBD experience is the best you've ever had. Green roads and good vibes are what we stand by. Be a part of our CBD revolution, and tell us your story today!

Best of all, you can rest assured with our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, Free Shipping for all your orders without any minimum spend, and every order earns you reward points toward your next order.

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CBD derived from Hemp is 100% legal to purchase in the United States. The Farm Bill measure explains that CBD infused products from hemp must have no more than 0.3% THC to be legal to sell. Our Cannabidiol Gummies are Broad Spectrum and have been 3rd party tested to make sure THC levels are below that legal limit.

Yes CBD gummies are considered to be edibles. With 4 delicious flavors you our customers will be sure to find a flavor you'll love. Read the reviews from verified buyers.

The main benefits to taking CBD gummies is that they are a delight to take. Say good-bye to the tedious task of measuring out how much CBD to take a day. Simply grab a gummy and be confident that every sqaure contains 10mg of broad spectrum CBD.

CBD gummies are a tasty alternative to taking your daily CBD via pills. It all depends which road (edibles) or roads (Edibles and Pills) you want to take. Both options have their benefits. If you're not into eating sweets in the morning, taking your CBD via pills or a tincture would be perfect. In the evening splurge and treat yourself with one of our 4 tasty gummy products.

With this CBD green rush unethical sellers can mislead you into purchasing products that don't contain CBD. In short, NO you cannot buy real CBD  infused Gummies on Amazon. Under Amazon's restricted sales policy, any product containing cannabidiol (CBD) are prohibited, including Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Gummies, Rich Hemp Oil Gummies. So if you see products on Amazon using misleading marketing steer clear of them.

Our delicious hemp Gummies are Broad Spectrum. They contain other cannabinoids alongside CBD so you can reap the benefits of other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. All packed in small, sugar-coated, all organic with no artificial flavors or color dies. Our gummies get their tasty flavors from organic fruits and vegetables. The best CBD Gummies of 2022!