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Avida Rewards

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With AVIDA Rewards you instantly become a member of our exclusive group of like minded individuals who reap the rewards towards a healthier lifestyle.


It’s really simple.
You earn 1 point for every dollar you spend at AVIDA CBD.

Login to your account and every time you make a purchase your points will be automatically added to your account and are redeemable at any time, even for sale and promotional items.

Your points will add up fast to big awards that you can use on all of our great CBD Oil products from CBD Vape Juice to CBD Oils to soon to come gummies, creams and more– we’ve got you covered. The more you spend, the more you earn.


It’s totally FREE!

You’ll be automatically enrolled in our AVIDA REWARDS program when you shop online here at from the day of your first purchase.


On your next checkout!

Once you’ve accumulated enough points to redeem for a discount you’ll see an option to redeem your rewards upon checkout. You’ll also be able to track how many points you’ve accumulated in your account dashboard.


Can I give my points to someone else?
No points are non transferable.

Will I earn points if I purchase AVIDA CBD products from another vendor?
No, you’ll only earn points from shopping at

How long do I have to redeem my points?
Your points will never expire.

Do I get points for shipping costs?

How do I redeem my AVIDA Rewards Points?
You’ll be able to see your rewards balance in your customer dashboard when you login to the site. At checkout you’ll have an option to use your rewards points to save on your purchase.

How many points do I need to start using my rewards?
For every 100 Points you earn you get a $5 Dollar credit towards your purchase. Let’s say you’ve accrued 500 points that will give you a $25 dollar credit towards your next purchase.

How many points will I get for every dollar spent? 
You’ll receive 1 Point for ever 1 Dollar spent