CBD Affiliate Program

Earn more with AVIDA CBD Affiliate program. We convert 1 in every 20 visitors and our customers always come back for more.

We provide you with industry leading CBD Affiliate tools that are designed to do one thing and one thing only… MAKE SALES!

20% Commision on all products

90 Day Cookie

$100 Cash Bonus To All New Affiliates

Make your first 5 sales and receive $100 bonus check. Simply send us an email!

Payout Every 30 Days

$100 Threshold

Powered by Post Affiliate Pro

The best affiliate module out there

Monthly Cash & Prize Giveaways

We love running competitions and paying out rewards

Tons of Affiliate Tools

Logo's, Banners, Landing Pages, and more

Click The Button And Get Access To All Your Personal AVIDA CBD Vape Affiliate Tools!

Cash in on the biggest health and wellness trend of 2019

Selling only the highest quality CBD Oil products on the web.

It’s official CBD is taking the Health and Wellness sector by storm as being one of the most popular selling products of 2019. It’s helped millions of people relieve there aches, pains an addiction to medically prescribed meds. Consumers want to feel good about their health regimens and how they feel day in day out. Our customers are looking to live a better life.

At AVIDA CBD we believe in working smarter not harder. As SUPER Affiliates ourselves we know how hard it is to make not only one sale but to keep them going.

That is why we have decided to put all of our years of experience as super affiliates to work for you. We’ve put together some powerful tools and amazing CBD products that our customers can trust. We’re not a fly by night company, we are here for the long haul, helping people like you and I live a healthier more active lifestyle with Hemp derrived CBD Oil products.

Here below you’ll find a list of some of the tools we’ll be providing you and an amazing ebook (coming soon) that goes through the essentials of being an affiliate and how to become a super affiliate.

CBD Vape Affiliate Program

Powerful Affiliate Tools

Pre Written, Designed & Coded Landing Pages (coming soon)
That’s right! 3 Pre crafted landing pages, so no more having to figure out what angle you should take, no more persona research, and no more figuring out what to write, it’s all done for you.

Text Ads
Do you use forums, blogs and news groups to market your products? We provide you with text links that you can copy and paste into any of these marketing mediums today.

Pre written Articles and Blog Posts
We all know that content is king so we’re creating new content for you to simply plug into one of our pre developed sites or push them straight onto your pre existing website we’re your already generating traffic.

Do you have a list of people in the health and wellness or vape niche? Or maybe you’re just starting your list. We’ll we have pre made content that’s going to help you convert your list into paying customers.

Targeted Keywords
The keyword research has already been done for you, so you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

Graphic Banners
Do you use forums, blogs and news groups to market your products? We provide you with text links that you can copy and paste into any of these marketing mediums today.

Product Images
We’ll take all the fancy pictures for you in many different configurations so you can make your content catch your visitors attention.

Videos (coming soon)
Promotional videos for you to upload to your website, send in an emailer or loaded up to Youtube.

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