Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg – Spearmint


Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg – Spearmint


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Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg  – Spearmint | Experience Avida CBD Oil

AVIDA’s Full Spectrum CBD Spearmint Oil has captured the fine balance of rich terpenes with a light spearmint flavor. Coupled with the full benefits of cannabinoids found in hemp. A true natural experience of a Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Now you can have cleanest most potent Full Spectrum CBD Oil formulations.

  • Contains <0.3% THC
  • 100% Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil with Terpenes
  • Strength Level 500mg
  • Spearmint Flavor
  • Simple to use graduated dropper for accurate dosages.

Make sure to keep your Full Spectrum CBD Oil a cool dry area

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Finding Your Minimum Effective CBD Dose

Everyone responds differently to the effects of CBD, there is no general set doses for everyone and every condition. But this process outlined here will help you establish a minimum effective dose, and is very simple.

Micro-Dosing is a process in which you first establish a baseline and adjust your dosage over a set period of time. We recommend 7 days for your body to adjust and help achieve health and balance. By following a micro-dosing process you'll be able to hone in on the perfect dosage for your particular ailment.

  1. Start with a baseline dosage of 1 CBD dropper full per day, broken down into 2 doses day/night for 7 consecutive days
  2. Maintain baseline dosage for 7 consecutive days and note how your body feels during this time.
  3.  After the 7 consecutive days of your baseline dosage and feel you are not receiving the benefits of CBD, increase your dosage x2 for an additional 7 days
  4. Once you have determined your effective dosage you can maintain that dosage.

AVIDA CBD Full Spectrum Oil should be taken sublingually.
Do Not Vape this product as it was not designed to be vaped

Testing in progress.