Flavorless – CBD Vape Additive

Flavorless – CBD Vape Additive

Avida CBD Flavorless Additive

Flavorless – CBD Vape Additive


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Our CBD Flavorless Additive was crafted to complement your favorite Vape Juice, Beverage or Food. Simply add a few drops in your tank, food or drink and you’ll get the CBD you need your way. Shop our flavorless additive now.

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Flavorless CBD Vape Additive | Experience AVIDA CBD

  • Avida Core CBD Isolate
  • Non-GMO
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested – For safety, purity, and consistency.
  • Graduated Dropper – Simple to use for accurate dosages.
  • Servings per container – 30 Full Droppers.
  • No THC Detected ( Non Detected *LOD 0.0009 )

CBD Vape Additive Bottle Size: 30ml

Make sure to keep in a cool dry place (not the fridge), away from direct sunlight.

Dosage / Concentration Per Serving

CBD Vape Oil Dosages

CBD Vape Additives are easy to use. You must first decipher which strength level will best suit your needs.

Let’s assume you have a Vape Tank that holds 3ml of regular Nic Vape Juice.

Fill your tank with 2ml of your favorite vape juice. Then add 1ml (1 full dropper) of our highest strength 1000mg CBD Vape Additive to your tank.

That gives you a 34mg CBD Boost.

You can find the dosage/ concentration chart above.

You can add our CBD Vape Additive to:

• Your favorite Nicotine E-Liquid whether it’s regualr Nic or Salt Nic.
• Add it to your favorite CBD Vape Juice
• Don’t like flavors? Simply vape it on it’s own.

Add an extra boost of CBD to your daily regimen with our CBD Vape Additive. We know everyday stresses can vary day by day or even by the hour.

So having that extra bit of CBD to relax, unwind, and ease anxiety will help you feel more balanced. Especially since the holiday season is upon us.

This CBD Vape additive has a little sweetness to it because of the VG. Other than the sweet taste there are no added flavors.

• 250mg – Adds a little CBD boost
• 500mg – Adds a medium CBD Boost
• 1000mg – Adds a maximum CBD Boost

• Designed to be mixed with:
– CBD Vape Juice
– Nic Vape Juice
– E-liquids
• Perfect for boosting your daily CBD intake
• Tastes Sweet
• No THC Detected ( Non Detected *LOD 0.0009 )
• 70vg/ 30pg


  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Natural & Artificial Flavoring
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)

Suggested Use:

  • Vape just as you would vape you favorite E-liquid
  • Can be vaped in a Tank or Dripper
  • No special wattage necessary to vape

  • Concentration Per (1) 250mg Dropper
    8.5mg of CBD in 1mL (1ml = 1 Full Dropper)
    Approximately 0.42mg of CBD per Drop
  • Concentration Per (1) 500mg Dropper
    17mg of CBD in 1mL (1ml = 1 Full Dropper)
    Approximately 0.85mg of CBD per Drop
  • Concentration Per (1) 1000mg Dropper
    34mg of CBD in 1mL (1ml = 1 Full Dropper)
    Approximately 1.7mg of CBD per Drop

Tested by: SC Labs
Official Link to Results: Flavorless CBD Vape Additive 250mg, Flavorless CBD Vape Additive 500mg, Flavorless CBD Vape Additive 1000mg

With decades of combined industry experience, deep roots in the cannabis movement, and the largest scientific staff assembled in any cannabis testing lab, SC Labs is committed to building a better and safer cannabis future for everyone.


Flavorless CBD vape juice lab results 500mg

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