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How to pick the Best CBD Vape Oil

We at AVIDA CBD care about creating our products with honesty, transparency, consistency and safety. Because we value the importance of knowing exactly what is in every one of our CBD products, we’ve created our very own process dubbed AVIDA Core©. This process makes sure each and every bottle of CBD Vape Oil delivers what the label says it does, providing you with the exact ingredients and CBD strengths.

To help make sure we provide you with the best, we 3rd party lab test every batch of our CBD products; first in its raw form, then again before its packaged up. Below is a simple writeup that will help make it easier  to choose the Best CBD Vape Oil .

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Follow these  3 simple Steps

They’ll help you pick the perfect CBD Oil to Vape

CBD Vape Oil1. Let’s start with flavors. We’ve hand crafted 4 unique flavors with varying potencies, there’s bound to be one  CBD Vape Oil that’s perfect for you.  Flavors that will have your mouth watering. Really, they’re that good.

Our Best Seller : Manga Mango
A mango flavor CBD Vape Oil that tastes like ripest mango you’ve ever sunk your teeth into.  It’s a perfect all day vape that simply explodes with flavor.

Berry Grape
Ripe,  succulent mixture of wild Berries and black grapes make this flavor a winner. You’ll taste the wild berries up front with a the hint of grape following close behind. A blend you may have never known tasted so good.

•  Blue Razz
Mmmm mmm mm, this Blueberry Raspberry CBD Vape Oil will find it’s way to your top 3 best all around vapes. The sweet flavors just pop

This flavor speaks for itself, it’s a powerful,  absolutely flavorless CBD Oil that was design to be vaped alone or as an CBD Vape Oil additive. Simply add to your favorite CBD Vape Juice, Vape it alone, add it to your favorite drink or add it to your food throughout the day. There are endless possibilities with this one!

2. Next you figure out the strength of CBD, we offer 250mg, 500mg (our most popular) and 1000mg (second most popular). If it’s your first time trying a CBD Vape Oil or CBD for that matter you’ll quickly hone in on the dosage that’s just right for you. All based off of how your feeling, you must note… for best results you should vape the CBD oil on a regular day to day regimen. The more your body loads up on the active cannabinoid CBD the better it will respond to your body.

3. Choosing the right device to Vape CBD Oils can be really confusing if it’s your first time vaping. Your in luck though, we’ve written an article that will help you choose the perfect CBD Vape device here in our Master Guide: How to Vape CBD oil.

If your a veteran at Vaping you can vape our CBD Vape Juice just like you would your favorite non CBD juice. No special wattages are required.

4. Place your order and we’ll get right on it and have your CBD Vape Oil Shipped ASAP. Because we’re so confident that you’ll love your CBD Vape Oil, we’ll offer you a full 60 day 100% money back guarantee on your first order. To top it off we want to give our first time customers at 10% off coupon valid for the next 24 hours.

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